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Fics that the other Author Friends Gave to Me.

These are the links that My friends in LJ wrote for me.  Thanks Gals for writing for my request.

Unexpected Call by fazlyn_n     - Pikame

Dreams by lilly0 - Takki/Pi

It your fault by yukitsubute - Pikame

Cafe Love by red_turtle423 - Yamapi/Romapi

My Love Story by jubelcinta - Kame/Romapi

Not your ordinary fairy tale by jubelcinta - Tegopi

The only exception by heicherry - Akame

Five Kisses by kitsune_hikaru - Matsupi

Unexpected Romance in Summer by kindof_sweet - ryojin

Too cute to turn one trick by sweetspicyhot - Tegopi

Trading up or Pi very long night by sweetspicyhot - Ryopi

Zoo by 8ak_fic_realm8 - Akame-Koki

Waterfalls by 8ak_fic_realm8 - Akame-Koki

I love you by agustin1982 - Akame

Realization of a Fantasy by pautami - Pida

Moving Past the Awkward Phase by pautami - Pida

Fic for Romapi by kiah_1 - Akame

friends by heicherry - Pikame

Jin Random Attack#23 - kame_kazu28 - Akame

Beautiful, Envelope - pikame_love - Pikame

Kame Advent Calendar Day 11 - yukitsubute - Pikame

Symphony of Fate - yukitsubute - Ryokame - ongoing
Part 1, 2, 3, 4 5, 6, 7 , 8, 9

Starting from Zero - sweetspicyhot - Pikame
Part 1, 2, 3

Airplaine rush - go_chan2011 - Pikame

Jump - lilly0 - Ryopi

You'll always be my Akira - Fazlyn_n

My only Ghost - Aiakazu

http://k8-rabu-rabu.livejournal.com/3948.html - serial_translat

If ever I miss some please pokes me and please gave me the link. Arigato ne!

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Happy Journey - Jubel Cinta (Inday)

Hi everyone,

I forgot how to post here in livejournal it's take me sometimes for me to see the POST sign. lol, It's been years since I stop writing here.

I only found out today that one of my friends here in Livejournal have been pass away since June 2015. And I know some of you if your still here and viewing ocassionally like me will know here.  Jubel Cinta or we used to call her Inday.

She make us laughed with her fics and comments.

She is a loyal friend.

She is a Junno fan.

She like the pair Junda.

Jubel (Inday) if you can see this, I hope you are in a good place and your happy in there.

Love and hugs

from us,

Your friend,

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Love me as I am

Title: Love me as I am
Pairing: Pikame, RyoTego
Genre: Romance, Fluff
Rating: PG-13

Summary: Yamashita Tomohisa is enjoying his two worlds, a nerd during the day and a cool pop singer at night.  What is he going to do when a certain turtle turns his world into chaos.

A/N: This is for
[info]kame_kazu28 for pi_exchange I hope you like it.

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Crazy Love

Title:  Crazy Love
Pairing:  RyoJin and PiKame
Rating : NC-17
Genre : Romance

Summary: Jin is in love with Yamapi’s best friend Ryo who is in love with Jin’s best friend Kame who is Yamapi’s boyfriend. Crazy love…What should they do to end this situation?

A/N: This is for Yukitsubute I hope you will love it.  I try to put all what you wanted but I guess I’m not into foursome this the way I go near in that.  So hope you like what I done. XD – exchange for JE Hottest Love

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Ace of Heart (Longing in Mind)

Title: Ace of Heart (Longing in Mind)
Rating: PG
Pairing: TegoPi
Notes: This is for Je_remix Challenge.
Link to Original Story:
Link to Original Writer: Sanjihan

Note:  it's from my JE_remix challenge

Summary: Yamapi can’t believe that after all this time, the boy he always wanted to get rid of is actually the boy he has wanted all his life.

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Stupid Dreams

Title: Stupid Dreams
Pairing : PiKame
Genre: Slash/Romance/Mystery
Rating : NC-17
 A/N: This for Amigo exchange 2013 I don't know what happen it the exchange didn't get through so I post it on this journal I hope you love it.

Summary: Kame having weird dreams regarding Yamapi and he could not pin point what is it all about.

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Hello friends,

long time no news about each other, I just want to announce that I got back to writing a new fic that I enter in Kameda love competition, this is my come back fic. lol

I hope you see and read it,  I will appreciate much if you read and comment on it.

I will not tell the title but I know you will know what I write when you read it.

thanks guys!  I miss you all.

romapi XD